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The 5 CBD Facts You Need To Know


In recent years there has been a huge buzz around CBD, the thing is there are lots of myths floating around and we want to dispell them, by giving you the 5 key facts about CBD. 

CBD Is legal 

In the United Kingdom CBD is completely legal as long as it is a derivative of an EU approved hemp strain. In many countries, CBD is not a legal substance so you do need to check. 

CBD Will Not Get You High

CBD products will not get you high. Even though CBD is a part of the cannabis family is do not contain THC which is the psychoactive element that gives the feeling of being high. 



CBD Has Wide Reaching Health & Wellness Benefits

There has been lots of research over the years that highlight the benefits of CBD. It's believed that CBD can help with anxiety, inflammation, forms of epilepsy and fibromyalgia to name a few. We'd always advise doing your research first.


Know What You Are Buying

CBD is a relatively new and growing industry, we would always recommend that you buy from a reputable supplier  (like us) that have third-party lab tests available for your view before committing to a purchase.   


CBD Is Not Hemp Oil

CBD is a derivative of Hemp but it is not Hemp oil. CBD oils contain Cannabidiol whereas Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds and therefore should not contain any Cannabidiol (CBD). That said Hemp oil has a number of associated benefits as it contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A, C and E.


CBD Has Two Main Extraction Methods

CBD is extracted most commonly in tow ways i) solvent extraction which uses a solvent to extract the compounds from the plant. Solvent extraction can be done using chemicals like Ethonal, Butane and Kerosene. ii) The other method uses heat extraction this is where steam is used to separate and extract the CBD compounds. The type of extraction method used has a direct impact on the quality of the oil. Heat extraction is a more gentle method and causes less damage to the compounds during the process.  

 There you have it the 5 key facts you need to know about CBD. We'd love to hear any CBD facts or tips you have., let us know in the comments.