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5 Ways To Make CBD Oil Taste Better

Taking CBD oil below the tongue (sublingually) and leaving it there for around 90 seconds, is the best way to maximise all the CBD goodness. Even the most refined CBD users will admit that at times CBD oil can have a strong taste making it hard to swallow. If that's you then we have 5 ways to make your CBD oil taste better.

Brush Your Teeth Right Before Use

Whether you take your CBD first thing in the morning or right before bed brushing your teeth before using your oil is a sure fire way to mask the earthy flavours with your favourite minty tooth paste. 

Have A Drink Handy

Have your favourite drink ready to chase your CBD oil and wash away the flavour as soon as you're done taking your oil. I know it seems obvious but it's worth mentioning as it works.

Add A Drop Of Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener and full of delicious flavour. Try adding a few drops under your tongue with your oil to mask the taste and pick up the sweet tones. 

Use A Mint

This one is pretty obvious but still worth mentioning, pop a strong mint in your mouth right after taking your oil, to combat the taste. You could even try eating the mint while the oil is under your tongue. 

Try A Different CBD Product

There are so many ways to take your CBD you could try Gummies or even a different oil (we have a great selection), one of our personal favourites is this peppermint flavoured oil