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Q. Why is CBD legal but THC is not?

THC or delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol is a psycho active compound which is found in cannabis. Due to it's psycho active properties it has been illegal in the UK since the 1930's. CBD or Cannabidiol is a non psycho active compound found in within the cannabis plant. Our bodies are tailor made to receive both compounds as they work with our bodies own endocannabinoid system. As CBD does not have any psycho active properties it is not classified as an illegal substance and has been recognised by the UK government as having benefits to the human body. 


Q. Why can't you tell me if CBD will cure my illness?

Due to legal restrictions we cannot give any advice or guidance on how or if CBD can help cure or treat any illness. All of the products available on our website are sold as health food supplements and we are not qualified to give medical advice. Please refer to many of the studies published online to gain a better understanding of how CBD may be able to help you.


Q. Will any of the products on your site get me high?

Most certainly not. As mentioned above CBD is not a psycho active compound and therefore you will not get high. You may, however, feel more relaxed after using some of the substances on this site. 


Q. Can I overdose on CBD?

At present there is no evidence that you could overdose or have any adverse effects from consuming large amounts of CBD. Each product will have a suggested dosage but you need not worry about the terrible side effects associated with overdosing on many over the counter drugs which are readily available. However, as with all substances, you should consult a doctor and seek medical advice if you experience any unwanted side effects.


Q. How do you get the CBD out of the plant?

There are many ways of doing this. An older method which is still very popular in parts of Europe and also amongst recreational cannabis users is using an ethanol based substance to remove the CBD and THC from the plant material. The ethanol is then boiled off leaving a sticky substance behind which contains many of the compounds found in cannabis. This method can damage some of the compounds and may also leave some unwanted residue behind.

Due to these facts we will NEVER stock products which are made using this method. Instead, we only stock products which have been created through the use of super critical co2 extraction. This method is cleaner for the environment and produces a purer, cleaner product for our customers. 


Q. Which product is best for me?

That all depends on your lifestyle, your requirements and your individual tastes. CBD oil has a very distinctive, earthy taste which is not to everyones liking and you may wish to consume your CBD through a more palatable option. CBD edibles have been created for this very reason and make it easier for many people to consume their daily dose of CBD. Others may wish to consume their CBD through vaping or even as an isolated crystal which can be used in cooking as it is relatively tasteless.

In short, you choose what is best for you and what you enjoy. Why not experiment and try different forms so you know what works best for you. Our bundle deals allow you to take advantage of the many different ways you can consume CBD whilst also providing you with a discount on the total.